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What Does HKL Do?

Hard Knock Laughs, LLC, produces premium stand-up comedy shows structured in a way that maximizes energy and delivers the most enjoyable live entertainment for an audience. The company is based out of New York City and is headlined by the talented comedian and ambitious director, Jeffrey Hernandez, who makes a daunting beat look like child's play.

We can deliver comedy to any environment prepared to laugh and let loose.  As a production company, we take care of the many tasks involved with launching a quality entertainment event.  We coordinate, fine tune, orchestrate, "logisticate" (is that a word?), and matriculate all things involved with the stand-up comedy scene.  That could mean wiping up the wine stain that you left on our favorite club's table, or getting your most adored comic to kick down your door and say hello! (It happened once; not always pretty...)

The most effective way to make contact with us, if you're not at the show, is on Facebook through the Hard Knock Laughs Fan Page.  You can find Jeffrey Hernandez directly through his page, and you can contact our production manager, Chad Tabary, through his page. 

If you prefer telephone, you can reach us at 917.382.8902

Just follow the links and send us a message.  You'll receive a response from us as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!